For generations, elders have passed on the traditions of their outdoor heritage to the next generation - through stories, shared experiences and support and encouragement. Times have changed, however, and not all young people have those opportunities today. Families have changed, lifestyles have changed, and the land has changed. Yet those who treasure hunting and other outdoor experiences recognize the importance of still passing on traditions in whatever ways possible.

Due to increased urbanization, loss of small farms, less leisure time, and more school activities, youngsters today are becoming more alienated from the land. One means of combating this movement away from the natural environment is through youth programs and mentor relationships. Having a responsible role model in today's single parent society is becoming increasingly important in guiding children to find their own conservation ethic.

PF believes the future of conservation and our hunting heritage depends upon today's youth having the desire and opportunities to carry on the ethical traditions of this organization. At both the national and chapter level, Pheasants Forever is investing in sound programs enriched with events such as youth mentor hunts, conservation events and habitat projects. PF also supports the Iowa DNR's Ourdoor Youth Camps, the Ringnecks Youth Program and the Leopold Educaiton Project.

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Iowa Pheasants Forever Youth Mentor Hunts
Ringnecks Program
Leopold Education Project