Habitat Forever

A Pheasants Forever Company

Habitat Forever, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pheasants Forever, Inc. Habitat Forever specialists are available for hire to complete habitat projects or maintain existing habitat in many areas of the country. Our habitat teams are equipped with tractors, trailers, seed drills, tree planters, watering and fire management equipment, mowers and more. Each team is run by an experienced habitat specialist that can help you plan your project, see if you qualify for federal programs, get it in the ground and manage it in order to maximize wildlife potential.

If interested in joining the Habitat Forever family, check out our PF employment page (on our national site), as open positions will be listed there.

To contact a Habitat Forever representative in your area, please call one of the Specialists listed below:

Matt O'Connor: Habitat Team Coordinator
2880 Thunder Rd
Hopkinton, IA 52237
563-926-2357 (phone & fax)
319-240-4075 (cell)
[email protected]
[email protected]

Dave Reuter: Habitat Specialist - North East Iowa
23092 James Rd
Holy Cross, IA 52053
563-590-1908 (cell)
[email protected]

Doug Roy: Habitat Specialist - East Central Iowa
6791 15th Ave
Keystone, IA 52249
319-540-2349 (cell)
[email protected]