Hunting Forecast

Iowa has many excellent Wildlife Management Areas that provide upland hunting. In fact, Pheasants Forever in Iowa has purchased over 70,000 acres of land that are now public-access, wildlife areas. These areas and all of the State Wildlife Management Areas and County Wildlife Areas can be found in the Iowa Sportsman's Atlas. The Atlas may be purchased at most sporting goods stores or Wal-Marts across the state. It can also be ordered online.

Other sources of information for a successful hunting trip can be obtained at:

Iowa DNR Pheasant Hunting Information:

Iowa's 2008 Roadside Survey Results:

Maps of Iowa's WMAs:

PF's National Forecast:

While Pheasants Forever Staff and volunteers are not able to provide you with contact information for private lands on which to hunt, we do encourage you to not hesitate knocking on doors to seek access. We think you will find that farmers and landowners in Iowa are wonderful to work with when treated respectfully. Limiting your group size and avoiding opening weekend and holidays should increase your success of gaining access. Respectful hunters who build a relationship with one landowner are often able to gain additional access in surrounding farms.

Enjoy your time in the field and we hope you have the opportunity to take a youth hunting!