Ringnecks Youth Program

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The PF Ringnecks Program is dedicated to introducing youth to hunting, shooting sports and outdoor conservation through youth events, education, community service and cooperation with both governmental and non-governmental partnerships. Through a variety of programs, youth will gain knowledge, learn skills and develop a land ethic necessary to be responsible hunters and conservationists. As they grow up, they can in turn pass on the outdoor traditions of their youth to future generations.

Ringnecks is an extension of the vision of Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever to start a locally driven, nationally led conservation organization that will ensure continuing the tradition of upland game hunting. By recruiting and mentoring young hunters and conservationists, local chapters will be able to develop the volunteers of tomorrow that will be needed to carry on their work. As members' ages increase and more and more people move away from rural lifestyles, it will be more important than ever to recruit a strong volunteer base. Young committee members will be needed who can step forward and take the reigns of leadership. Chapters that invest in youth programs are more apt to have that younger base of support when needed.

Ringnecks is open to any young person interested in the outdoors and conservation. You do not have to be a hunter. Contact Rich Wissink, PF and QF Youth Programs Coordinator or your local chapter to find out more information on Ringnecks events.

Upland Tales

The Upland Tales magazine is an informative youth orientated magazine, dedicated to the interests of Pheasants Forever's youth members. The magazine is published in color, four times a year.

Ringneck Manual

To assist organizations in developing Youth Group Programs, the Pheasants Forever Education Department developed the Ringnecks Manual. The manual provides specific information for implementing youth programs and for connecting dedicated mentors to interested young people. Found inside the manual are:

- Outlines for successful youth mentoring programs - Basic "How To's" for coordinating a youth program - Examples of existing Pheasants Forever chapter programs

These examples share activities such as youth hunts, monthly programs on hunting, fishing or conservation and shorter one day activities like planting trees or building nest boxes. In addition, information about recruiting volunteers, promoting youth programs, seeking help from the community, and avoiding problems are included in the manual. Background information is also offered on the entire Ringnecks program and the Leopold Education Project (LEP). Ringnecks Manuals can be purchased for $20.00 from the Pheasants Forever Merchandise Department.

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