Iowa State Council

[ne_dark_gold]Iowa PF Council Roles, Activities & Objectives

1. Organize and hold the State Pheasants Forever Convention

2. Sponsor & support the State Art Council

3. Sponsor the selection & production of the "Iowa Print of the Year"

4. Oversee the Iowa PF Council Trust Fund & disperse money to aid Chapters with land purchases.

5. Oversee the Endowment Fund moneys to support Council objectives

6. Sponsor & support Educational Programs for kids, teachers, volunteers and landowners

7. Support Legislative efforts at all levels of government that help conservation, habitat & recreation in Iowa

8. Support Iowa Department of Natural Resources Private Lands and Wildlife Specialist Programs

9. Support efforts to provide Native Prairie Seed to Chapters

10. Support efforts to provide Food Plot Seed to Chapters

11. Support the creation, development and oversee the "Build a Wildlife Area (BAWA)" program.

12. Create and support

13. To "provide NO interest loans" to Trust Chapters for purchase of equipment for development and maintenance of habitat.

[ne_dark_gold]The State Council meets quarterly, usually the second Sunday of March, July & October and at the State Convention in January.

[ne_dark_gold]Trust Fund requests are reviewed at the July and January meetings.

[ne_dark_gold]Election of Officers and Representatives is held at the January meeting.

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