Art Contest Sponsors Needed!

As a friend of Pheasants Forever you are familiar with the work Iowa Pheasants Forever does for habitat development, conservation education, and other worthy endeavors.

Iowa Pheasants Forever has conducted an art contest for the past twenty-three years. Original artwork in the annual contest showcases Iowa wildlife artists and the winning painting each year is made into prints which are sold and proceeds are used to fund Ringneck, youth programs. Last year eleven Iowa wildlife artists entered an example of their best original work.

We are looking for a sponsor for future Iowa State Council Art Contests. With your sponsorship the contest can expand to draw more artists while increasing the quality and visibility of Pheasants Forever youth programs.

As the sponsor you and your company or agency will receive the original winning painting as well as have your name listed on all promotions of the contest. The sponsorship contribution of $10,000 will help fund Ringnecks, our youth program, and will help chapters purchase vests, hats, educational materials and will help with other expenses of educating our young people.

Please contact Kerby Rauk at 641-581-2959 or [email protected] to discuss sponsoring future Iowa State Council Art contests and promoting the goals of Pheasants Forever as well as promoting your company.