PF Iowa History

Pheasants Forever, Inc. is a nonprofit conservation organization formed in 1982 in response to the continuing decline of upland wildlife. Across the US and Canada, PF has more than 650 chapters and over 125,000 members. Our objective is simple--we raise funds through our chapters that are used for habitat development, conservation education, and other worthy endeavors. We also think local folks have a much better idea of their own conservation needs than those in far-away corporate offices. So, 100% of net proceeds are retained by your chapter. And because of that, Iowa's 105 Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever chapters spent over $2.25 million on habitat projects and conservation education in 2010.

Since 1985, Iowa PF chapters have established 517,945 acres of nesting cover; 242,585 acres of food & cover plots; 16,393 winter cover plantings (10.5 million shrubs and trees) on private lands; restored 17,383 acres of wetlands; completed mid-contract management on 118,340 acres of CRP, and more. Additionally, over $9.26 million has been cost-shared by Iowa PF chapters to purchase more than 652 public wildlife areas (77,723 acres) with natural resource agencies. Now all these Iowa Wildlife Management Areas (upland, wetlands and timber) are there forever—for you and your children to enjoy.

In all, Iowa's PF chapters invested over $38.3 million on over 100,000 habitat projects impacting over 1,004,971 acres, equipment purchases, and conservation education that has positively influenced the lives of thousands of Iowa youth. All was accomplished through the unique mechanism of concerned local people providing the incentives for neighbors to create habitat.

If you agree with our hands-on habitat philosophy, and would like to join actively in our chapters efforts in your area, please contact us.