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Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever offer specialized Food Plot Mixes. Please click images below for more information.

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Food Plots - A Necessity or Just a Wive's Tale?

The relationship between food, winter cover, movement and bird mortality make food plots a critical component in upland wildlife management. Winter food is generally abundant and is not a limiting factor most years for pheasants, quail and other wildlife - starvation is very rare. While infrequent catastrophic winters drive home the necessity for food plots, most biologists consider food plots an essential part of good game bird management regardless of winter conditions.

The reason is simple - well-planned food and cover plots help establish safe foraging patterns that minimize movements and provide a dependable source of high-energy food to help carry birds through the winter. Birds concentrate in heavy roosting cover during winter, venturing only as far as needed - underscoring the importance of locating food plots adjacent to excellent cover. Even in a mild winter, the closer secure winter cover and food are positioned, the more upland wildlife will benefit by reduced exposure to predation and occasional harsh weather. If winter cover is limited, selecting food plot plants with the correct structure and creating large plots can provide both food and shelter for the birds.

Plan your food plots for the worst case scenario. Don't create a project that will be buried by the first blizzard. Select a food plot mix carefully, then assess the two most critical factors--size and location. Large food plots (3-10 acres) are most desirable. Combinations of forage sorghum and grain sorghums stand well in winter weather, providing excellent cover while retaining high-energy grain on stalks. Bear in mind that food plots are used by many species. Some, such as deer and turkeys, consume a lot of grain and can exhaust small food sources well before winter has ended.

Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever food plot mixes can be planted with standard planters, grain drill, or via broadcast seeder mounted on a tractor, ATV or pickup truck. Complete planting instructions are on the bag. For more information on food plot design and other considerations consult the Pheasants Forever Essential Habitat Guide, and/or talk to a PF Habitat Specialist near you.